So here's the scoop.....

After a 25 year coffee break, free flowing Salt (a.k.a. JF Murphy
and Salt) got back together and were ready to I thought!

Bobby Paiva (drums), Joe Parrino (lead guitar & vocals), Russell
Warmolts (bass) & Ronny Allard (saxophone, clarinet, flute &
bagpipes) decided to once again continue as free flowing Salt.  
Missing was Jack Murphy (songwriter/composer/lyricist), who's
now writing Broadway shows in his usual brilliant style, and
George Christ (one of the all-time great blues harp players), who
is playing with The Wes Houston Band.

Sadly, the music world suffered a terrible loss with the untimely
passing of Russell in 2006 & Ronny in 2011.

We took rehearsal recordings with Russell & Ronny on them and
compiled a commemorative CD.  As a four piece group we were
still playing our original songs from the first five albums, along
with our own original arrangements on the Blues and cover
tunes of a lot of groups that helped to form the magical music
that emerged from the 60's & 70's. The magic that made it
possible for Rock'n Rollers, Jazz, Blues, Folk and Country
singers and musicians to come together and meld into great
music. No Label, just Great Music! And we did ALL of it and then
some. We used bagpipes on "The Example" and "Silver Horn",
then added some Broadway by playing "West Side Story" (which
evolved into "Urban Renewal"). This is just a fraction of what the
members of Salt brought to the table.

If you remember us....Welcome Back!

If you're experiencing us for the first time...Welcome!
* About Us *
Bobby (Kurtz) Paiva
Started his professional career with a Jazz quartet but, not
wanting to go "on the road", he quit the group. He got a call
about a group called "The Jewels" who needed a drummer. He
argued that he didn't like Rock'n Roll, but agreed to help out
for one night. That one night lasted almost 10 years, with that
group becoming one of NY's top attractions, plus playing all
over the US and Canada. Then on to "free flowing Salt". He
spent his "break" years writing comedy for such people as Joan
Rivers & Rodney Dangerfield, and as a fine artist.
Joe Parrino
In the 60's he played with a group called "The Losers", but
don't let the name fool you. They were in much demand in all
the big clubs in NYC. Besides doing session work, he backed
many of the doo-wop groups like Vito and the Salutations, The
Exciters & The Devotions. During his time away from "Salt" he
managed to teach guitar and open his own recording studio,
And NOW!!!
Ronny Allard (Deceased)
Classically trained, throughout the 60's Ron played with
various well known big bands, orchestras & jazz groups. This
eventually led him to R&B with the Jewels and Rock with Salt.
He, then and now, is considered one of the best on tenor, alto
& soprano sax, flute, clarinet and, believe it or not, bagpipes!
(with which he opened our live shows & album..leading to a
Standing-O everytime). You left too soon...But your memory
lives on in our hearts & in our souls.
"First Born"
Russell Warmolts (Deceased)
Gone but NEVER forgotten.  Your bass playing will never be
duplicated. Your impact on this group and our music will
never be duplicated. Your corny, corny jokes will never be
duplicated. We miss you, buddy....But  you are always with